Thursday, 23 March 2017


Just because we can, should we?
The answer is, as ever, not clear cut and definitive, it's art, it's subjective, it's up to you where you draw the line.
We live in an increasingly enhanced world whether that's virtual reality overlaid into real life through a headset or on a phone screen or silicone implants for all manner of body sculpting, so why should an image of an architectural subject not be subject to the same?
 That answer is at least a little more straightforward. If the image is essentially shot to document the building's existence it should be a fairly straight shot, maybe adjusting for perspective distortion, with the usual tweaks to contrast and colour as necessary but if the purpose is as art, the world is your oyster. Inject the scene with whatever you like, stimulate discussion about the subject, your choice of colour, overlay images/textures and a thousand and one other options. Do not let the subject constrain your imagination. Will everyone love your image on Instagram? WHO FREAKIN CARES???? The answer is no, of course not. Dare to stand by your creative decisions because YOU liked them. If the image you create only brings you joy, it was worth it, but in all likelihood someone else will too, so that's a bonus.
You've hopefully looked over my galleries by now and seen my love of pattern and texture and, for the most part, those images are cleaned up and tweaks made to colour and contrast but in amongst the Abstracts I'll be adding this:
Yeah it's a wall, don't know it's essentially a deep profile clay tile or actually a brick but the dappled oblique light on it was great and injecting the vibrant colour makes for a strong splash of colour in a modern home. See how the dappled light has effectively broken up the pattern of the tiles? Well I like it! For the more conservative among you, I've also worked up a black and white version that wallows in the shadows.
As I've told you before, explore your options, I've also created an enhanced version of straight image that shows the blue in the dappled leaf shadows in contrast to the warmth of the direct illumination.
With that, I wish you all a safe week with Spring finally here and the new F1 season upon us. Check out my galleries if you've not done so, both Limited Edition, for those investment pieces, and Open Edition for those beautiful decorative images (which make much better gifts than yet another Easter egg).   ;)

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