Thursday, 24 November 2016


See what I did there in the title? The smooshing together of photography and art? That's where I love to be. It's my paradise. Creative freedom. Nourishment for my soul.

You'll hear many a 'serious' photographer tell you 'it's about getting everything right in the camera as you press the shutter release', and that's fine, back in the days of film shooting it was pretty close to an absolute necessity but most of us shoot digital now so wake up and smell the creative freedom, and occasional morning coffee. I'm sure that photographer gets a sense of achievement from getting everything right 'in camera' but that doesn't concern me when you consider all of the creative possibilities of digital post-processing work. I take a picture, a lot of pictures, no seriously, LOTS, some may seem to be identical, others only slightly different angles or exposures. Later that day or week I get the images on to the computer, maybe do some clean up (depending on the subject) but then it's all about creating art. Is it something I could have achieved 'in camera' maybe, but mostly, NO? There are very few hard and fast rules when creating art. Experiment, see where it takes you. It's the mental freedom equivalent of a bird soaring on thermals or the kids throwing themselves around in the ball pit.

So that's me, creating for the exhilaration it brings to my soul but it's always nice to know that the art you've worked to create can evoke similarly powerful emotions in others.

I'll be posting some BTS images shot whilst out and about shooting and maybe some insights into the post-processing. You'll get to meet some of the team I put together on model shoots too.

The actual finished images trickle on to my website The galleries are here: There's an open gallery if you'd just like a nice print to go on the wall and if you're a collector the limited edition gallery is the place to be.

If you're an agent or gallery owner, my email is always open, contact information is on my website.

Some 'en route' shots from a  recent trip into the City of London, the juxtaposition of old London with new:

 Links out to my gallery page.

 Links out to my gallery page.
 Links out to my gallery page.

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